White Flag? Not yet…

Odessa says:
Lynne and I were discussing this yesterday: perhaps it is the time of year, our frame of mind, the multitude of other things we are obliged to read, but it seems safe to say that we lost this round. Middlemarch has won. Our apologies to George Elliot, Dr. Fletcher, and literary society in general. The same thing happened when I tried to read Daniel Deronda last year. Elliot and I don’t seem compatible, but I will try again. Being the masochist she is, Lynne has tried to rally me into finishing by spring.  Okay, if you ladies are still trudging through, I’ll continue with you.

Lynne says:
I hate admitting defeat.  I want to finish this book before I graduate.  Though with the massive pile of course work I just received, I’m not sure that is going to happen.  I’m putting the book on hiatus for now, and will pluck away at it when I have the rare moment of free time and feel up to it.  Don’t lose faith, ladies!

On another note, I am addicted to Agatha Christie.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and have been reading her novels in the wee hours of the morning.  I just finished The Body in the Library and now I am reading And Then There Were None.  Odessa, Sega, what have you been reading lately? I just started reading Catch-22 for class, I think I’m definitely going to enjoy Contemporary American Literature.

Sega says:

I am also unwilling to admit defeat! Slowly I turn, page by page – I will conquer this thing! However, I am really distracted by this amazing book by Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye, which I picked up ages ago and just recently realized I had never returned… so now I’m reading it before returning it. I’m also reading Good Omens (w00t) and I want to get started reading Sherlock Holmes again (I returned it to the library and now reordered it again). And I just suffered through Beowulf for Brit Lit. I hate Beowulf. Now we have to read part of The Canterbury Tales.


5 Responses to “White Flag? Not yet…”

  1. epicbookblog Says:

    Odessa says:
    I’m doing the “All About the Brontes” challenge, so I just finished Agnes Grey and am now reading Here on Earth, a modern adaptation of Wuthering Heights. I’ve been picking at Hound of the Baskerville recently as well. My grandmother loves Agatha Christie, she read all of her books. I actually haven’t read any, but I saw her on Doctor Who. That ups her coollness a few points.

  2. epicbookblog Says:

    I started reading her BECAUSE I saw her on Doctor Who, hahaha.

  3. epicbookblog Says:

    Odessa says:
    Yay Doctor Who!
    Also to Sega- Beowulf may be dry, but it has some really interesting facets about the hero’s place in society, etc. I love Canterbury Tales! I havent read all of them yet, but the ones I have are fantastic (The Pardoner’s Tale!) I also have a nerdy lit-crush on Geoffrey Chaucer. Don’t ask.
    Just watched Bright Star… commence lit-crush on John Keats.

  4. epicbookblog Says:

    Odessa says:
    Reading that back, I realize that English literature makes me feel amorous in general and I have a crush on it overall.
    I also probably comment us too frequently.
    We must movie night Lynne. Sega and I were saying the other day that we needed to have one as well.
    Also, I have two fishing trips planned for the warm weather! One with my brother and one with some friends. It’s strange, I haven’t been fishing in about a decade, but reading Hemingway stories has inspired me to go out again. I’m sure he’d be pleased to have inspired my outdoorsey side to re-emerge.

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