Epic Books

The ladies of epic book blog are here to read the books that no one else does.  Those epic books, the classics you know you want to read and never find the time to.  We’ll be starting with Middlemarch by George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans).  The synopsis from barnesandnoble.com states;

“Eliot surrounds her main figures with a gallery of characters drawn from every social class, from laborers and shopkeepers to the rising middle class to members of the wealthy, landed gentry. Together they form an extraordinarily rich and precisely detailed portrait of English provincial life in the 1830s. But Dorothea’s and Lydgate’s struggles to retain their moral integrity in the midst of temptation and tragedy remind us that their world is very much like our own. Strikingly modern in its painful ironies and psychological insight, Middlemarch was pivotal in the shaping of twentieth-century literary realism.”

There are three of us reading together, and I’d like to take a moment for all of us to introduce ourselves.

I’m Lynne, a senior English major graduating undergrad in May 2010.  My favorite novel is Jane Eyre, and I have a love of fantasy novels.  I’m also an avid knitter, I love creating functional objects out of a ball of string.

I’m Odessa and no matter what I do to pay the bills, writing is my true profession. I love a literary challenge, won NaNoWriMo this year, and blog at http://thebookeaterblog.blogspot.com.

And I’m Sega, a senior English/Psychology major (but still have two years to go) and an aspiring novelist. I also participated in (and won!) NaNoWriMo this year, and I love reading and writing (but not so much arithmatic).


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